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~ Francine Conley ~


Representative poems are available online at the links listed below. 
All creative work is the exclusive property of Francine Conley and cannot be reprinted or used in any way without express written permission. 

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“Conley’s poems are gifts of substance and truth wrapped in tantalizing metaphors. She is thoroughly at home in the quirky mysteries of experience…”  --The Parallel Press, 2000

“Conley writes out of curiosity about the world around her. Much of what she puts into words is born out of an encounter with people … She likes to capture the subtle and unexpected ways life changes us …”  -- Heather Lee Schroeder, The Capital Times, 2001

“To name some favorites from the past three years: the surreal lyricism of Francine Conley’s How Dumb the Stars…”  --J.M. Tyree, “Rhyme Scheme,” Isthmus, 2003